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2018 Conference

The XXVI Meeting of CEMM is organized by the "Société Mycologique André Marchand".
This event will be held in Latour de Carol (France) jointly with the XXXII meeting of FAMM, from September 17th to 22th 2018.
All the information on the conference are reported at : Flyer
The inscription form will be available on: Registration form.
Les inscriptions reçues à ce jour ne permettent plus d'attribuer de chambres individuelles.
En conséquence, nous invitons les futurs participants à se regrouper selon leurs affinités afin de partager les chambres et ce, dans le but de vous loger toutes et tous et de satisfaire le plus grand nombre de mycologues.
Les chambres encore disponibles sont contigües et cloisonnées préservant l'intimité de chacun et à "sanitaires partagés".

What is C.E.M.M.?

The European Confederation of Mediterranean Mycology (C.E.M.M.) was found in January 1993 by three Federations of mycological societies:
- A.M.B. (Associazione Micologica Bresadola), Italy. 
-.F.A.M.M. (Féderation des Associations Mycologiques Méditérranéennes), France. 
-.S.C.M. (Societat Catalana de Mycologia). Catalonia-Spain.

The U.M.I. ( Unione Mycologica Italiana) Italy joined in 1995 and the AMB left the Confederation in January 2006.
In 2001 the GrupoMixológico Galego (GMG) (Galicia, Spain) and the Associaçao Micologica "A Pantorra" (Portugal) joined the Confederation as Associative Members and in 2002 the the Societat Micològica Valenciana (SOMIVAL) did the same.
The Asociación Botánica y Micológica de Jaén (A.B.M.J.) joined as an Associative member in 2009.
In 2010, the "Federación de Asociaciones Micológicas de Castilla y León" (FAMCA) joined the CEMM and the "Norges Sopp-Og Nyttevesktforbund" (N.S.N.F.) joined also the Confederation as an Associate.
In March 2011 the FAMCAL left the Confederaration.

Bureau :

President : Alessandra Zambonelli (UMI)
First Vice-President : Jordi Ferrer Modolell (SCM)
Second Vice-PresidentI : Danielle Overal (FAMM)
Treasurer : Marie Antoinette Buroni (FAMM)
Secretary : Alvaro Gobbini (UMI)
Head office : Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle - 60, Bd Jean Risso – 06300 NICE.
e-mail :
web :


The aims of the C.E.M.M. are the study of the fungi of the Mediterranean region (flora, chorology, taxonomy, nomenclature, ecology, toxicology, legislation, etc.), the reprinting of classical mycological books now out of print, and the propagation amongst a broad spectrum of natural sciences followers of all this mycological information. The confederated mycological groups owns a wealth of books, periodics, herbaria and other scientific facilities that are offered to its associates for scientific, didactic or natural sciences (including playful and gastronomic) purposes.
This confederation, which groups more than 6,000 mycologists, organizes an annual conference called "European Conference on Mediterranean Mycology" and carries out an activity aimed at publishing reprints of fundamental mycological works, now out of print, and unpublished works such as the recent "Compléments à la flore des Champignons du Maroc Supérieurs de Malençon G. et R. Bertault" published in September 2009.

Federations and Associate Members

Federations and Associate Members of the CEMM are made by people who, either as a hobby or your profession, wish to deepen their mycological knowledge.
Its aims are to promote greater ecological culture, in order to understand and conserve the ecosystems, by studying the fungi, including the development of various initiatives in schools, promoting scientific research, the adequacy of mycological legislation both locally and nationally and internationally, and health education to prevent accidental intoxications.
The Federations and Associations are also didactic documentation centers, and their scientific libraries are available to its partners.
We also wish to promote initiatives, collaborating with Institutions and Associations that pursue the same goals.


·    F.A.M.M. (Fédération des Associations Mycologiques Méditerranéennes), , founded in 1986, comprises the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and the Alps-Côte d'Azur. It has more than 1000 partners

·     Headquarters : Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle - 60, Bd Jean Risso – 06300 NICE.

·    Adress : FAMM - B.P. 54. F-13302 – MARSEILLE - CEDEX03

·    E-mail :

·    Web :



·    S.C.M. (Societat Catalana de Micologia), founded in 1972, brings together mycologists of the Catalan Countries, and has member associations throughout the Spanish State and also abroad. It as 500 members.

·    Head office and administration : Carrer de la Marina 94, 1er. 4ª - 08018 - BARCELONA.

·    E-mail :

·    Site web :



·    U.M.I. (Unione Micologica Italiana), founded in 1969, consists of 32 groups and about 1,600 members.

·    Adress : Università degli Studi di Bologna - Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie - Sezione di Patologia Vegetale - Centro di Micologia Viale Giuseppe Fanin 46 – 40127 - BOLOGNA ITALIA

·     E-mail :

·    Web :

·    Rivista : " Italian Journal of Mycology ".
Web :


·    SOMIVAL (Valencia Mycological Society), founded in 1990 has about 300 members.

·    Adress : Corredors, 6 . E - 46003 VALENCIA SPAIN

·    Postal Adress : Apdo. Correos 7048. E – 46080 VALENCIA SPAIN

·    E-mail :

·    Web: http//

·    Magazine : Butlletí de la Societat Micològica Valenciana


·    G.M.G. (Group mixologists Galego Luis Freire ") founded in 1992, has about 60 partners.

·    Adress : Calle San Francisco 31. E-36200 VIGO España

·    Postal Adress : Apdo. Correos 3083 E-36200 VIGO España

·    E-mail :

·    Web : http//

·    Magazine : Boletín do grupo Micolóxico Galego "Mykes"


·    A PANTORRA (Associação Micológica "A. Pantorra") founded in 2000 has about 300 members.

·    Adress : Apartado 11, 5200-999 Mogadouro PORTUGAL

·    E-mail :

·    Web : http//

·    Magazine : "Annais Associaçao Micologica A. Pantorra"


·    A.B.M.J. (Botany and Mycological Association of Jaen), founded in 2006, has 75 members.

·    Adress : Calle La Pandera, 8 – 23160 LOS VILLARES (Jaén) España

·    E-mail :

·    Web :

·    Digital magazine : http//


·    SOMICAN (Mycological Society of Cantabria), founded in 1986, has 196 members.

·    Adress : Plaza Mª Blanchard 7-2 bajo, 39600 Maliaño, CANTABRIA, Spain

·    E-mail :

·    Web :

·    Magazine : Yesca


·      NSNF (Norges Sopp-0g Nyttevesktforbund) founded in 1902 has about 3700 members (botanists as a majority).

·      Adress : Frederik A. Dahls vei 20, NO-1432 Ase

·      E-mail : post@soppognyttevekster.noweb

·      Web :

CEMM Mycology Conferences

Since 1993, the CEMM has held their International Symposiums, which take place alternately in one of its member countries.
Below are the list of localities where these 19 meetings took place :
1993 - Estartit (Catalonia - Spain)
1994 - Nuoro (Sardinia - Italy)
1995 - Ajaccio-Porticcio (Corsica - France) (together with the FAMM)
1996 - Poggibonsi (Italy)
1997 - Calella (Catalonia - Spain)
1998 - Taormina (Sicily - Italy)
1999 - La Baume lès Aix (France)
2000 - Picerno (Italy)
2001 - Sant Hilari Sacalm (Catalonia - Spain)
2002 - Cervia (Italy)
2003 - La Colle sur Loup (France, jointly with the FAMM
2004 - Norcia (Italy)
2005 - Castel del Piano (Italy)
2006 - Bragança (Portugal)
2007 - Olot (Catalonia - Spain)
2008 - Egat (France) (jointly with the FAMM)
2009 - Cefalù (Sicily - Italy)
2010 - Morella (Castellón - Spain)
2011 - Gilette (France) (jointly with the FAMM)
2012 - Gubbio (Italy) (jointly with the UMI)
2013 - Arroyo Frío - La Iruela (Andalusia - Spain)
2014 - Ajaccio-Porticcio (Corsica - France) (together with the FAMM)
2015 - Fornos de Algodres (Portugal)
2016 - Sampeyre - Valle Variata (Cuneo - ltalia) (together with the UMI)
2017 - Potes (Càntabra - Spain)